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Still a question? 015 76 80 90

Build your PC at TonesAcademy

Are you fond of technological gadgets? Would you like to build your own PC, but you have no idea how to get started? Welcome at TonesAcademy! Our experts will guide you in building your custom PC.


Your custom built PC at TonesAcademy

Tones.be has become synonymous with custom PCs. We want to pass on our knowledge and enable our customers to fully enjoy the benefits of a custom PC, which is why we created TonesAcademy. When you purchase a PC from us, you have the option of building it yourself or having us build it for you. In the first case, we will make an appointment and you will build your PC under our guidance. Our computer experts will be happy to assist with the assembly and provide you with useful tips. From details on the inner workings of a PC to tricks for cable management, we will answer all your questions.


TonesAcademy for building your PC

Are you interested in this unique opportunity? Just drop by at one of our stores or order your PC via our webshop. Then you make an appointment with TonesAcademy and we start working on building your custom PC together with you. We assure you that you will enjoy this particular experience. Afterwards, you will also receive a nice surprise. Get your hands dirty!


And there's more! Hone your PC skills at one of our workshops

When we find that our customers have many questions around a particular theme, we dedicate a workshop to it. Via our Facebook page we launch a survey in which we ask you to identify technological areas in which you would like to gain further experience. We use this information to organise technical workshops. At these workshops you bring your own PC or other devices for hands-on learning. Practice is the key word in these sessions. Make sure to check out this page for further information!